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CI costurire propose to collect and manage the Web sites you actually locally, They act in the direction of supporting and promoting projects with cultural content that approach to our proposals for promotion :

  • dell’ ecocultura,
  • arts,
  • dell 'crafts and typical local products,
  • of small business and direct sales,
  • the willingness to support cultural initiatives, ecological, social and humanitarian in the territory.
  • dell 'organization of business events, Art and music.

This is the counterpart to the media of our commitment in the local area.

  • Dynamic sites, Modern, light, optimized to be displayed correctly on mobile devices, connected with social networks, easily managed by you via the control panel, SEO optimization, Statistics, newsletters
  • Sites and E-commerce solutions for online sales
  • Campagne Social Network (google, facebook , twitter )

We offer our experience in webdesign, and the ability to make themselves visible to 'interior of a new local network in the territory of 'Alto Milanese supported and leads through the Social Network, web 2.0, and mobile apps.

We are establishing a local network (Local Area Network) in 56 municipalities affected by 'area called Alto Milanese , project will be involved in numerous local, promotion bodies, public entities, private companies, services of each type, you can achieve all this thanks to the possibilities offered by new technologies.

Some of the sites made:

Features server:

Association Arca

Turismo Slow


Palco Free

Network Locale

Pasquale Casati Architect

Moringa Oleifera

Classic Motors Bike

the soul Sensi (disabled)

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