In the language of the most current marketing and communication, promotion is the incentive or creative stimulus that tends to make a service known and appreciated, and’ social institution, a product or an idea…

L’ art to be able to communicate their ideas and make their works appreciated, uses creativity to explore reality and find new possible paths.
In essence, art and creativity are therefore also tools for promoting concepts and behaviors and directing choices.
…we at Promoearte have services, products, objects and creative ideas for developing your / our projects.
We also believe that, noted the damage caused to the market, by absurd financial speculation, we must once again re-focus our attention to the local area.
We set ourselves in this way in order to support and promote through the creation of a local network (Local Network): initiatives, events, social realities or business, that have the purpose of assisting us in redirecting our attention towards the local territory. With particular emphasis on issues such as: associations, amateur sport , quality of life, environmental issue, social issues, history and traditions.

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